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Special Education

Special Education


Hickman County High School provides special education services to those students who qualify for such services as outlined in the Kentucky Administrative Regulations. The Hickman County School District issues that all exceptional children who reside within this district and who are of the age specified by federal and state law will have provided to them a free, appropriate public education including special education and related services to meet their unique needs. The special education curriculum is designed to promote attainment of the six learning goals and seventy- five valued outcomes of KERA. Portfolios are prepared in English classes. The district shall also issue that the rights of exceptional children and their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are protected.

The following high school Special Education courses are offered:

Course Name                           Course Number

 Science I (Biology)                              9032

Science II (Integrated)                          9022

Science III (lntro Chem/Physics)           9035

 English I                                              9001

 English II                                             9002

 English III                                            9003

 English IV                                            9004

 Social Studies I (W. Civ)                     9014

 Social Studies II (Am. History)             9020

 Social Studies III (Gov/Econ)               9028

 Math I                                                 9026

 Math II                                                9120

Math III                                               9031