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Health and PE

Health and PE

COURSE 0990       HEALTH (1 semester)

The interest in personal health is higher today than it has ever been before. More and more people have the desire to live higher quality lives. They strive to be physically fit, well- nourished, and mentally healthy. This health class will give students practical knowledge that will help them keep physically fit and mentally healthy as well as knowing how to help the body remain healthy throughout life.

The main objective of this class is to give knowledge to help change attitudes toward health by using demonstrations and using everyday examples to show how the health of an individual is important.

COURSE 0990       PHYSICAL EDUCATION (1 semester)

Physical education is not merely the education of the body through physical conditioning and training. In this physical education class, emphasis is put on the development of skills in various activities. It also helps the students to understand rules, regulations, and sportsmanship associated with each activity. This class promotes physical, social growth, and development through strenuous exercise and activity along with creating interest in physical fitness and weight training. Activities that are taught in this class include: basketball, volleyball, softball, flag football, soccer, gymnastics training, physical conditioning, track and field, and game play. This physical education class gives students the basics for a life-long enjoyment for activity.