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 Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in English 301,401, or 402.

Must pick up application from teacher to apply and be accepted to this course. Must  be available for meetings one week prior to the starting of school to sell ads.  Date will be announced.  Students will produce the yearbook and a regularly scheduled newspaper during the year.

One of the most important freedoms that we enjoy in the United States is freedom of the press. This freedom of the press, however, has often been abused in order to further a career or sell a paper. A journalist should be fair in writing the new, honest with the reader of the news, and knowledgeable in the legal aspects of reporting the news of the world around him. Students should be able to understand the function of advertising, write clear concise sentences, learn the procedure for laying out pages of a yearbook and a newspaper, and to learn the procedure for taking pictures. Students need some experience in computers, scanning pictures, and CD burning.  Students should be cooperative, responsible and creative.