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Parents are encouraged to seek the recommendation of the eighth grade English teacher in selecting the course level for freshman English.  The student’s reading level should be considered in the decision.

COURSE 0900        ENGLISH 100

This course stresses basic grammar usage and mechanics. It is designed for students who are not performing at grade level. Short stories are read and literary terms and author recognition are discussed. This course also includes some writing, vocabulary, and spelling.

COURSE 0901        ENGLISH 101(Honors)

101 English reviews capitalization and punctuation rules as well as identification of parts of speech and sentence structures. Students study spelling and vocabulary words and concentrate on correct word usage. Ninth grade literature includes short stories, poetry, and approximately six novels.

COURSE 1000       ENGLISH 200

Students are required to read short stories from the Literature Book. Most of the class's time is spent reviewing, working, and strengthening basic grammar skills. Students are also required to write one short story per week as having a spelling and vocabulary test each week.

COURSE 1001       ENGLISH 201(Honors)

The 201 English course is designed to stress the importance of grammar mastery in preparation for taking the PSA T and using writing skills which will be refined during the junior year.

Weekly vocabulary and spelling quizzes are given, and the mechanics and usage chapters are emphasized in the Warriner's textbook. In literature, the short story, literary terms and author recognition are studied.The Pearl, Julius Caesar, Arms and the Man, and Summer of My German Soldierare among the novels read and discussed. It is also the intent of this class to encourage students to be more responsible and well rounded.

COURSE 1100       ENGLISH 300

English on the eleventh grade level will review basic grammar, mechanics and usage. Writing will include both paragraph and complete essay writing. Students will be introduced to a variety of American authors through both the written word and film. Speaking and listening skills will be developed through class discussion.

COURSE 1101       ENGLISH 301(Honors)

This course requires students to write a maximum of six papers during the year. Students read five novels by American authors and short stories from their literature books. Emphasis is also placed on strengthening grammar skills.

COURSE 1200      ENGLISH 400

English 400 is for the student who does not plan to attend college. Emphasis will be on career planning and preparation. Students will work on writing skills as they prepare portfolios as required by KERA. They will also write letters of application, develop resumes and participate in job interviews. They will review basic grammar, mechanics and usage and will work on spelling and vocabulary. Short stories, plays, and non-fiction will be used to broaden their knowledge base and create topics for classroom discussion.

COURSE 1201       ENGLISH 401(Honors)

This course requires that the student write a maximum of 8 papers during the year and 1 research paper the second semester. The literature requirements are the same as English 402. Time is also spent in review of troublesome areas of grammar.

COURSE 1202      ENGLISH 402/COLLEGE ENG. 101-102

PREREQUISITE: Student must be pursuing a pre-college curriculum, counselor must verify ACT test score, student must have a high school G.P.A. of 3.00 or higher, and student must pay tuition for college credit.

Students who meet entry requirements established by West Kentucky Community Technology College (WKCTC) will receive credit for senior English as well as for college English credit for freshman English 101 and English 102. There is a fee for both semesters and it is payable to WKCTC. The course consist of 10 papers to be written during the school year and 1 research paper which will be written during the second semester. Students will also be required to read five novels and four plays outside of class. In addition to these items various periods of English Literature are explored.