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Hickman County High School
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Superintendent's Message


DISTRICT WIDE: HCES, HCHS, KAPS, and the Board Office are all connected via the district’s Wide Area Network (WAN). The WAN allows students and staff to connect to Kentucky’s network and have access to the Internet and its myriad of resources. Staff members AND students are also provided with e-mail accounts for internal and external communication. New internet switches have been installed and wireless capabilities district wide are now available to users.

HICKMAN COUNTY ELEMENTARY: The elementary has a mobile cart of Chromebooks in each classroom which allows students to gain computer knowledge, learn basic typing skills and use tutorial programs that match classroom work. There are also desktops available in the library. There will be a Vizio interactive flat panel in each classroom beginning in August 2021.

HICKMAN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL: Students in grades 7-12 will be provided a Chromebook to use throughout the school year. The high school has two networked PC labs. One lab is for use by all classes while the second lab is for use by students taking computer courses as well as business classes. Other computers are placed throughout the building and connected to the WAN for student and staff use.
Vizio interactive flat panel technology that interfaces with a computer is available in all high school classrooms. This board enables a teacher or student to touch the screen and carry out computer functions.

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