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Foreign Language

Foreign Language


*Two years of a single foreign language is required for Pre-College Curriculum

Spanish I is a course designed to introduce students to the Spanish language and culture.Learning takes place by reading, writing, speaking, and listening both independently and in groups. Students learn about Spanish by studying its influences in the United States, Spain and other Latin-American countries. Students have the opportunity to participate in the regional Foreign Language Festival in the spring. Students should conclude Spanish I with a simple conversational level understanding of the language.


 Prerequisite: Spanish I

Spanish II is an extension of Spanish I. Students will learn more vocabulary and grammar, anddifferent tenses will be introduced. Learning continues to take place through reading, speaking, writing, and listening. There is continued opportunity to compete at the Foreign Language Festival. Students should conclude Spanish II with a more intense conversational level understanding of the language.


Prerequisite: Spanish I and II

This is an elective course. If enough interest is shown to create a Spanish III class, students willcontinue learning the language by reinforcing and adding to existing vocabulary, grammar, and conversational abilities. Students will be expected to enhance their reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills related to the language. Different Hispanic countries will continue to be explored so student will become familiar with various cultures.

If there is not enough interest to create a class, a student may continue at the Spanish III level by independent study during an existing Spanish class under the guidance of the teacher. Emphasis will be on writing, reading, and listening skills. Since the student will be studying during a class with students at a different level, speaking skills will not be a major emphasis.