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Principal's Message


Welcome to Hickman County Elementary School.  It is a tremendous honor to serve the Clinton community as Principal of our elementary school.  This year will no doubt be different than any other.  Instead of letting it be a barrier to education, let it serve as an opportunity to change our mindset on delivering instruction and engaging students in learning.  I have loved serving this great community and treasure the relationships I have with the staff, parents, and students.  I am excited about the opportunities this year affords us to provide our students a quality education and grow them toward being a valuable and contributing member of this community.  I am overjoyed to be in a position to positively impact the lives of students and teachers.

My vision for Hickman County Elementary School is to foster an environment where students feel safe, comfortable, challenged, and engaged in class (whether that is in-person or online).  Students and staff will celebrate successes.  Teachers will feel supported in their teaching and inspired to try new things.  Students will love learning and coming to school.  Instruction and assessment will be data-driven.  Teachers will collaborate with each other and parents to support students’ academic achievement and well-being.  

Together we will achieve this vision, and this school year will be a success.  Thank you for your support as we take on this challenge together to benefit the children of this community and their educational experience.  Please contact me if I can support you or your child in any way.


Jarrod McMillin

HCES Principal