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HCS Celebrates Success on State Testing

Hickman County Schools Continue to Excel!!!

On September 28, 2017 school districts across the state of Kentucky release the Accountability information from the 2016-2017 school year. Falcons have a lot of reasons to be proud. As results are reported, it is important for everyone to understand that schools in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are in a period of transition. In December 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) replaced the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act as federal education law and reauthorized the 50-year-old Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

In addition, earlier this year the Kentucky General Assembly passed, and the Governor signed sweeping education legislation (Senate Bill 1) that addresses standards, assessment, accountability and school improvement along with the requirements of ESSA.

This is a transition year as we move from the old accountability system under NCLB and federal waivers to the new one under ESSA and Senate Bill 1 (2017).

As a result of the changes in state and federal law, this year, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is not reporting an overall school, district or state score.

Both ESSA and Senate Bill 1 (2017) have the clear goal of making certain that our education system prepares every child to graduate from high school ready to thrive in college and careers.

Public reporting this year consists of the following:

o Elementary Schools receive scores in Achievement, Gap, and Growth.

o Middle Schools receive scores in Achievement, Gap, and Growth

o High Schools receive scores in Achievement, Gap, College & Career Readiness and Graduation Rate

Hickman County is a leading school system in the district, region, and state. Achievement scores at all school levels reflect this. Achievement scores report student performance (Novice, Apprentice, Proficient and Distinguished--NAPD) content area tests (reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and writing). Science scores are not reported this year for elementary and middle school students. Parents/guardians of students will receive their child’s individual score report which will include each area assessed.


2017 Highlights


Hickman County Elementary leads the district in achievement with a score of 73.9--above all schools--all grade levels. (9 points above neighboring elementary schools.)

Hickman County High School is the top high school in achievement among the river counties.

8th grade middle school Writing Scores are #1 IN THE ENTIRE STATE!! 84.4% of students were proficient/distinguished-overall NAPD score of 100.0.

5th grade elementary Writing Scores at 72.3% proficient/distinguished were well-above the state average of 63.4%.

At HCES NAPD scores in Reading, Social Studies and Writing were above the state average.

Scores from the End-of-Course US History Exam were 14th in the State.


At all levels, the percentage of the non-duplicated gap group are scoring proficient/distinguished is increasing. Hickman County Schools is working hard to meet the needs of each and every student.

Graduation Rate

The 2017 four-year graduation rate is 97.8% which is well above the state average.

The 2017 five-year graduation rate is 90.4% also well above the state average.


ACT composite score of 20.9 was 2nd in the Region and 23rd in the State.

ACT English scores were second in the Region and fifteenth in the State.

ACT math scores were fifth in the Region.

ACT reading scores were second in the Region and twenty-second in the state.

ACT science scores were fifth in the Region and twenty-eighth in the state.

College & Career Readiness

86.7% of Hickman County High School students were College or Career Ready. Many students were both. Again, this is well-above the state average.

Hickman County celebrates its successes and continues to work hard every day with every student to make sure that they are ready for the opportunities and challenges they will encounter.

All data for the 2016-17 assessments reporting are publicly available in the Kentucky School Report.

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